[Ecls-list] Hyde: a monstrous static web generator, powered by ECL

Antonio Bonifati antonio.bonifati at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 13:51:57 UTC 2012

Hi, I am that same Lisp beginner who already bothered you with questions
Thanks for having helped me!

The good news, I have learned something and been able to develop
and release the Lisp-based static web generator I have been seeking for a
long time:

http://ninuzzo.github.com/hyde/ (site)
https://github.com/ninuzzo/hyde (code)

It is made with ECL, of course, and GPL is the license! Everyone who wants
to join me in
this development is welcomed. It already stands out from the crowd thanks
to Lisp power and ECL lightness, but there are still a lot of TODOs,
including optimizations!
Moreover I have got many other ideas to make it the most simple and
powerful ever made.

You won't be able to find a small Lisp project as funny as this to fill up
a rainy day ;-)

This alpha version is enough for my spartan needs, but there are already
other users
who asked me for more. And it is so simple to use, we can really target all
even those using Windows and Notepad++.
As a nice side effect, that will probably produce a significant Lisp
revival !!!

Antonio Bonifati
Physics student and Italian language tutor
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