[Ecls-list] Build problem on OpenBSD

Stian Sletner stian at sletner.com
Sat Feb 11 15:48:38 UTC 2012

* At 2012-02-10T18:11+0100, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:
> > Any idea what could be the problem?  I've made test programs calling
> > ceill() and floorl() with no problem (they don't even require -lm), so
> > this has me stumped.
> >
> ECL has detected that your compiler supports "long double" types but the
> mathematical library does not provide support for them. Try
> --disable-longdouble

That isn't the problem, as I said.  The symbol resolves fine in test
compilations.  There's something strange going on in the linking.

Configuring with --disable-longdouble didn't change anything.

Thanks though.

Stian Sletner

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