[Ecls-list] CFFI grovel and commit 469c8a520f8e3a0

Mark Cox markcox80 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 11:20:21 UTC 2012


This email presents two issues. I am posting them together as one seems to reliably reproduce the other. 

The issue relevant to ECL is that commit 469c8a5 introduces a problem that results in one of the following errors:

1. LAMBDA: Keyword expected, got #<illegal pointer 000000010c898170>
2. LAMBDA: Keyword expected, got ..

How to reproduce this error highlights the second issue relating to CFFI.

I have been having difficulties compiling IOLIB with ECL. The cause of the problem is the ASDF integration component of CFFI grovel. This component assumes that there is only one output target when compiling lisp files. This assumption is not valid for ECL as it produces both .o and .fasl files. I have attached a hack for CFFI (apply to tag v0.10.7.1) that navigates around the issue. I haven't been able to test it completely.

With the patch applied to CFFI, the evaluation of '(asdf:load-system "iolib")' should reproduce the first issue.

ECL is compiled with ./configure --prefix=/tmp/ecl/ on OSX 10.7.4 with XCode 4.4.1 installed.


P.S. I will communicate with the maintainers of CFFI  with respect to the second issue as I don't think it is ECL related.

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