[Ecls-list] [creelman.david at gmail.com: ECL serving http via hunchentoot, how do I get it to stay up?]

David Creelman creelman.david at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 21:54:14 UTC 2012

Hi All,
I've setup a tiny server with ECL and I've quicklisp'ed the hunchentoot
package and it works well when I start it from the REPL.
However, If I try and run ECL as a background task which in turn is setting up
my hunchentoot instance, ECL will stop after a variable amount of time (usually
5-10 minutes).

I'm new to serving up pages via CL and ECL, has anyone had any luck with this?

Should I embed ECL into an exe that runs hunchentoot rather than running ECL?

Or, if I run the server as a script, is there some way to get the script to
not need to interact with the REPL (which I think is the problem)?


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