[Ecls-list] asdf and encodings

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 22:19:27 UTC 2012

Dear Juanjo and ECLers,

Bad news: there's a bug in asdf 2.20,
such that I recommend you use either 2.019.8 (2.20 minus the bug)
or 2.20.7 (that I hope to promote to 2.21 at the end of the month).

Good news: asdf 2.21 will support various source file encodings,
defaulting to utf-8.

Bug report: in contrib/encodings/generate.lisp, you erroneously define
latin5, latin6, etc., as respective aliases for iso-8859-5, iso-8859-6, etc.
when the actual mapping is less regular:
    (:latin1 :latin-1 :iso-8859-1 :iso8859-1)
    (:latin2 :latin-2 :iso-8859-2 :iso8859-2)
    (:latin3 :latin-3 :iso-8859-3 :iso8859-3)
    (:latin4 :latin-3 :iso-8859-4 :iso8859-4)
    (:latin5 :latin-5 :iso-8859-9 :iso8859-9)
    (:latin6 :latin-6 :iso-8859-10 :iso8859-10)
    (:latin7 :latin-7 :iso-8859-13 :iso8859-13)
    (:latin8 :latin-8 :iso-8859-14 :iso8859-14)
    (:latin9 :latin-9 :iso-8859-15 :iso8859-15)
    (:iso-8859-5 :iso8859-5 :cyrillic)
    (:iso-8859-6 :iso8859-6 :arabic)
    (:iso-8859-7 :iso8859-7 :greek)
    (:iso-8859-8 :iso8859-8 :hebrew)


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