[Ecls-list] slowdown using Slime

Daniel Herring dherring at tentpost.com
Thu Apr 5 02:42:57 UTC 2012


I'm running Slime on ECL, and both were updated about a week old right 
now.  There are often noticeable pauses when typing in a source buffer. 
I'm not sure whether this is a new behavior; I had been doing most 
interactive development under SBCL for the past year, and my Slime was 
almost two years old.

One of the pauses occurs when editing a make-instance form in a source 
buffer.  Every time I type a key in a make-instance form, there is a pause 
and a string prints in the slime-repl buffer.  Cursor key or text doesn't 


>From a cursory read of swank-ecl.lisp, it appears that the 
swank-mop:c-a-m-u-c normally calls clos:c-a-m-u-c, but this has been 
disabled in ECL.  I uninterned this symbol from swank-mop in my Slime 
session; either that or something else I did "fixed" the problem for the 

Is there a proper solution?


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