[Ecls-list] Binary with shared libraries, CL-PPCRE:CREATE-SCANNER not found

Philipp Marek philipp at marek.priv.at
Mon Sep 12 09:34:48 UTC 2011

Hello Juan,

thank you very much for the extensive help!

> Summing up the errors are:
> #1 Calling make-build without letting it know that there are other libraries
> to be initialized. Even if you link a library for cl-ppcre, you are not
> calling its initialization routine first. You are just adjoining the
> libraries, but not doing the equivalent of a "LOAD" of them.
Ah, ok. I didn't that :lisp-files accepts other file types, too ;)

> #2 Trying to use make-build for more than it was designed. C:BUILDER is ok
> in many situations like this one in which you are doing low-level
> composition of programs
Ok, good to know.

> #2 Creating a package "test" in the ASDF file instead of in the files that
> you are going to use. ASDF descriptions should be just that: descriptions.
> No code should be in it. Specially no code that is intended to be run at run
> time (like package creations)
Yes, I know (somewhere in the back of my brain) ... but as it didn't get this far I
didn't fix this.

> I attached a fixed version.
Thank you very much, this works (of course!)



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