[Ecls-list] BUG: SEGMENTATION-VIOLATION in code with DEFTYPE unicode char

Eric Marsden eric.marsden at free.fr
Sun Nov 13 18:06:18 UTC 2011

>>>>> "jgr" == Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com> writes:

  jgr> A few things would be helpful
  jgr> - Configuration flags for ECL
  jgr> - Value of *features*
  jgr> - Output of DISASSEMBLE

  ECL is configured with "--enable-threads --enable-unicode", giving

 :X86_64 :COMMON :ECL)

 The bytecode disassembly of my function is below. However, the function
 works fine when byte-compiled, only segfaulting when using the C
 compiler. I haven't managed to obtain disassembly when compiled via C. 

| Name:		FOO
| Documentation:	NIL
| Declarations:	((C-GLOBAL) (OPTIMIZE (SAFETY 0)) (TYPE (MEMBER þ) P2))
|    0	POP	REQ
|    1	BIND	P1
|    3	POP	REQ
|    4	BIND	P2
|    6	NOMORE
|    7	PUSHV	1
|    9	VAR	0
|   13	EXIT

Eric Marsden

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