[Ecls-list] [Maxima] writefile does not write

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 5 22:13:04 UTC 2011

On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 11:08 PM, Oliver Kullmann
<O.Kullmann at swansea.ac.uk>wrote:

> compiled it, and built Maxima with it, however nothing changed:
> writefile still just creates the empty file, and otherwise nothing
> happens.

Please understand that my email was not an answer of whatever writefile
problem there is, but rather to the first email stating the problem with
dribble. All I got is that email in a conversation that apparently was
already going on but where all I could see is a discussion about dribble.

If the problem is stated better, then I might feel motivated to have a look
at it, but cross-posting to a different list in the middle of a
conversation leads to insatisfactory answers for everybody, typically.

BTW, I am _not_ subscribed to the maxima mailing list.


Instituto de Física Fundamental, CSIC
c/ Serrano, 113b, Madrid 28006 (Spain)
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