[Ecls-list] Fwd: Building executables on Win7(x64) and MSVC 2010 (fatal error C1074)

Павел Соловейчик paul.soloveychik at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 14:58:01 UTC 2011

I'm trying to make executable file with ECL.
So i'm save my code in to hello.lisp (small recursive program to test)
And put in to REPL this:
>>>(require 'cmp)
;;; Loading #P"C:/lispbox/ECL/msvc/CMP.fas"
;;; Loading #P"C:/lispbox/ECL/msvc/sysfun.lsp"
>>>(compile-file "hello.lisp" :system-p t)


;;; hello.c
C:/lispbox/ECL/msvc/hello.c : fatal error C1074: 'IDB' is illegal extension
for PDB file:
;;; Error:
;;;   * The C compiler failed to compile the intermediate file.

Can you please explain what in this situation need to do for success
Thank You in Advance! =)
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