[Ecls-list] Problems with building

Stas Boukarev stassats at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 16:22:42 UTC 2011

The first problem I encounter when building the latest ECL is a stray
reference to ecl_query_all_processes_status. That's easily fixable, and
the attached patch does that.
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Next, I get:
;*** Lisp core booted ****
ECL (Embeddable Common Lisp)

;;; Welcome to bare.lsp. Let's bring this instance up!
;;; About to load lsp/load.lsp
;;; Loading src:lsp;export.lsp
;;; Unhandled lisp initialization error
;;; Message:
;;; Arguments:

Internal or unrecoverable error in:

Lisp initialization error.

I haven't looked in depth at this yet.
With best regards, Stas.

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