[Ecls-list] Success for XCVB on ECL

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 03:01:34 UTC 2011

>> At that point, I'm interested in starting to pitch XCVB
>> to adventurous Lisp hackers. Maybe even as a way to build ECL itself?
>> For the latter, I might first have to port XCVB so it runs on ECL.
> I do not understand why ECL would need XCVB to build itself? Right now it is
> using just one makefile to build the C library and one compilation file that
> builds all modules sequentially -- the bootstrap order is so delicate that
> separate files can almost never be compiled individually.
"Need" is a big word. I was hoping that with XCVB,
some modules might be compiled in parallel, and/or more incrementally.
No matter.

In any case, thanks for your support.

NB: I have made a few changes to the upstream asdf and asdf-ecl in
2.015.4, 2.014.7, 2.014.2, 2.012.6, 2.012.5, in addition to many
non-ECL specific fixes.

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