[Ecls-list] make recheck

Paul Bowyer pbowyer at olynet.com
Sat Dec 31 20:27:07 UTC 2011

Hello again Juanjo:

This morning, after receiving notification of the 45 new commits, I 
downloaded a fresh copy of the ECL source using git. I built it on my 
32-bit installation of PCLinuxOS using the following configure incantation:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ecl32 -enable-threads=yes 
--with-__thread=no --enable-boehm=included --with-gmp=included 
--with-dffi=included --with-clx=builtin --enable-rpath=yes

Then I did:
su root
make install
make check

I followed the progress of "make check" by observing the growth of 
"/home/pfb/my-ecl-sandbox/ecl/build/tests/output.ecl/ansi.log" in KDE's 
Konqueror file manager, but due to a problem with Konqueror updating 
files sometimes, I did not see the "make check" operation produce the 
"/home/pfb/my-ecl-sandbox/ecl/build/tests/output.ecl/regressions.log" in 
the Konqueror window.

The "make check" operation looked like it completed properly in the 
Konsole window, so just to be certain everything was correct, I issued a 
"make recheck" command from within the Konsole window. That command 
began an infinite loop in the Konsole window that I could not break out 
of because there was so much hard disk activity. It was even beginning 
to mess up the Konqueror window, which was still open. I used the reset 
button on my computer to halt the system and reboot so I could see if 
there was any permanent damage, but my system rebooted without problems.

After I got my system back up and running properly, I again opened 
Konqueror and examined the 
"/home/pfb/my-ecl-sandbox/ecl/build/tests/output.ecl" folder and found 
both the ansi.log and regressions.log files, which I opened and found 
them to be OK, as far as I could tell.

The ansi.log had the usual "31 out of 21713 total tests failed" and the 
regressions.log had "7 out of 61 total tests failed". I don't know if 
the "make recheck" command had any affect on those files, and I don't 
want to re-issue that command and start another infinite loop to find 
out. I suppose I could delete the ecl source directory and rebuild it to 
see if the same thing happens, but ecl starts when I run it from Konsole 

";;; Loading #P"/usr/local/ecl32/lib/ecl-11.1.1/sockets.fas"
ECL (Embeddable Common-Lisp) 11.1.1 

so I'll use it as it is to see what happens.
Let me know if I should do anything differently,


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