[Ecls-list] Build problem

Paul Bowyer pbowyer at olynet.com
Tue Dec 20 22:11:02 UTC 2011

Hello again Juanjo:

I just finished downloading ecl using git for the purpose of trying some 
of the recommendations suggested by Mathew for getting ecl built 
executables running on different machines and I ran into a compilation 

My configure incantation was:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ecl32 -enable-threads=yes 
--with-__thread=no --enable-boehm=included --with-gmp=included 
--with-dffi=included --with-clx=builtin --enable-rpath=yes

which completed sucessfully and then I entered "make" which ran along 
for quite awhile until it stopped with:

;;; Note:
;;;   Invoking external command:
;;;   gcc -I. -I/home/pfb/my-ecl-sandbox/ecl/build/ -D_GNU_SOURCE 
-g -O2 -fPIC -D_THREAD_SAFE -Dlinux -I/home/pfb/my-ecl-sandbox/ecl/src/c 
-w -c clx/module.c -o clx/module.o
;;; Finished compiling BUILD:CLX;MODULE.LISP.

Condition of type: SIMPLE-ERROR
Cannot find out entry point for binary file BUILD:CLX;SHAPE.O.NEWEST
No restarts available.

Top level in: #<process TOP-LEVEL>.

I was trying to build ecl on my 32-bit installation of PCLinuxOS and I 
supplied no flags to the build process so it just used its defaults.

I've built ecl a few times now and previous builds all finished 
successfully, but this time something went awry. I'm uncertain if the 
problem is related to my choices in the configuration or if something 
changed for this download of the source.

I hope there's enough information in this message to help you determine 
where my problem might be.



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