[Ecls-list] observations

Paul Bowyer pbowyer at olynet.com
Mon Dec 19 01:22:34 UTC 2011

Hello again Juanjo:

Now that I have both 32-bit and 64-bit PCLinuxOS systems with ECL 
installed on them I tried running a executable created on the 32-bit 
system on the 64-bit system and discovered that libecl.so.11.1.1, which 
the executable is linked against, is different on the two systems.

I was thinking that 32-bit executables would run on a 64-bit system, but 
not the other way around. Can I expect that to be true if I ship 
libecl.so.11.1.1 created on a 32-bit system to 64-bit systems?

What is the best practice to keep from overwriting an existing 64-bit 
version of libecl.so.11.1.1?

Maybe I'm asking a silly question...


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