[Ecls-list] PATCH: {e}cl_alloc_adjustable_base_string and --enable-unicode

Eric Marsden eric.marsden at free.fr
Mon Dec 5 10:11:04 UTC 2011

>>>>> "jgr" == Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com> writes:

  jgr> Eric, you must have some obsolete version of the code. This patch does not
  jgr> apply on the CVS/git version of ECL, where all uses of
  jgr> cl_alloc_adjustable_base_string are replaced already with ecl_alloc...

  You are quite right; I apologize. I had a git tree at work which was
  fetching from


  which has no updates since August 2009. Is it possible for you to
  disable this git archive?
Eric Marsden

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