[Ecls-list] EXT::EVAL-WITH-ENV is undefined.

Mike Ivanov mike at mikeivanov.com
Tue Apr 26 04:06:10 UTC 2011

I'm trying to build a static version of ECL on MacOS X 10.6.

$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/ecl --disable-shared

$ make
cd build; make
if (echo c gmp gc | grep atomic); then \
;;;   Invoking external command:
;;;   ar cr libcmp.a eclinit9KlQsD.o cmp/cmppackage.o cmp/cmptypes.o
cmp/cmpglobals.o cmp/cmpdefs.o cmp/cmpmac.o cmp/cmpform.o
cmp/cmptables.o cmp/cmpinline.o cmp/cmputil.o cmp/cmptype-arith.o
cmp/cmptype-prop.o cmp/cmptype.o cmp/cmpc-wt.o cmp/cmpc-inliner.o
cmp/cmpbind.o cmp/cmpblock.o cmp/cmpcall.o cmp/cmpcatch.o
cmp/cmpenv-api.o cmp/cmpenv-fun.o cmp/cmpenv-declare.o
cmp/cmpenv-proclaim.o cmp/cmpenv-declaim.o cmp/cmppolicy.o
cmp/cmpeval.o cmp/cmpexit.o cmp/cmpflet.o cmp/cmpfun.o cmp/cmpif.o
cmp/cmplam.o cmp/cmplet.o cmp/cmploc.o cmp/cmpmap.o cmp/cmpstack.o
cmp/cmpmulti.o cmp/cmpspecial.o cmp/cmptag.o cmp/cmptop.o cmp/cmpvar.o
cmp/cmpwt.o cmp/cmpffi.o cmp/cmpcbk.o cmp/cmpct.o cmp/cmpnum.o
cmp/cmpname.o cmp/cmpopt.o cmp/cmpopt-bits.o cmp/cmpopt-constant.o
cmp/cmpopt-cons.o cmp/cmpopt-sequence.o cmp/cmpopt-type.o
cmp/cmpprop.o cmp/cmpclos.o cmp/cmpstructures.o cmp/cmparray.o
cmp/cmpos-run.o cmp/cmpos-features.o cmp/cmpmain.o cmp/proclamations.o
;;; Note:
;;;   Invoking external command:
;;;   ranlib libcmp.a
Condition of type: UNDEFINED-FUNCTION
The function EXT::EVAL-WITH-ENV is undefined.

No restarts available.

Top level.

Now, if I manually change "ext::eval-with-env" to "si::eval-with-env"
in build/bare.lsp, the error goes away, although this time it says:

;;;   ranlib libcmp.a
Condition of type: SIMPLE-ERROR
SI::REF is an illegal included structure.

Nothing like this happens without --disable-shared. What I am doing wrong?


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