[Ecls-list] ecl on Android

Sylvain Ageneau ageneau at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 15:58:32 UTC 2011


I did some work on this and I think it's now at a point where it's
reasonably complete.
You can find my patches at: https://github.com/ageneau/ecl-android

The changes to ECL are quite minimal, mostly a matter of adding some
missing headers from the android source tree and using a recent version
of the boehm garbage collector (and a lot of trial and error :) ).

I'm now working on adding some bindings to the java API. I'm not sure
what's the best way to go about this (advice/help welcome). There are
several projects that seem like they could be of help here:
* Scripting Layer for Android:
http://code.google.com/p/android-scripting/ --> It looks like the easy
way, in this case ECL runs in its own process and communicates via json
to a "scripting engine" server that wraps a significant subset of the
android APIs. The nice thing about this is if your goal is just to do
some quick prototyping you don't even need a cross-compiled ECL, you can
just connect from your host ECL to the service running on the phone.
* CL+J: http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-plus-j/
* JaCoLiB (JAva COmmon LIsp Bridge) http://code.google.com/p/jacolib/
--> this one depends on dffi which could be a problem

My goal with all this is to create a cross-platform mobile development
environment that supports Android and iPhone (which also can run ECL
thanks to the work of Ram Krishnan). ECL seems like the perfect choice
for this.


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