[Ecls-list] Request for few examples and informations

meh. meh at paranoici.org
Mon Apr 4 01:33:27 UTC 2011

Hello, sorry if this stuff is already been asked but I already looked
around for few hours and couldn't find much.

I'm writing a Minecraft server and I'd like to add scripting support
with ECL, all the examples around somehow don't work.

The examples I need are the following:
- Create a package
- Add a constant to that package
- Load a .fas file that can load other .fas files (the core lib for
  the server)
- Eval a script that can load other scripts (I read somewhere that
  there were some problems with loading and si_safe_eval, so I'm

Additionally is there an easy way to deal with va_list? What I need to
do for that is, the server is event driven, so the lisp scripts would
just regiter for some events, then there will be an internal
dispatcher that only knows the event name and a va_list with the
parameters. The LISP functions registered KNOW how many parameters
they need but the internal dispatcher doesn't. So is there an easy way
to get out the stuff from the va_list (pointers/stuff that then gets
used through uffi things) automagically depending on function arity or

Please write working examples, I read lot of str_internet/SYM_VAL
around and couldn't find them in the headers and don't know what SYM_VAL became.

Thanks in advance, meh.

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