[Ecls-list] Conformity and convenience problems with pathnames

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> [Cc. of what I sent to the comp.lang.lisp with patches attached]
> On Nov 21, 4:18 am, p... at informatimago.com (Pascal J. Bourguignon) wrote:
>  > ftp://ftp.informatimago.com/users/pjb/lisp/check-pathnames.lisp
> > (tests specific to MS-Windows physical paths would need to be added).
> I have been working on this file and verifying whether ECL conforms to its
> expectations. [...]
> Given that you agree on this and change the script accordingly, with the
> patches I will be pushing up to ECL's CVS repository soon, then this
> implementation should conform to your expectations. See here:

Handling of pathname case is now complete.

* For logical pathnames, :LOCAL means UPCASE
* For physical pathnames or pathnames without a case :LOCAL means PREFERRED
* Pathname constructors take the argument :CASE to be the case of the input
values and translate them to the case of the final pathname.
* Pathnames always keep their values in the local case.
* Pathname readers (pathname-{directory,name,type,host,device}), interpret
the :CASE argument to be the case of the output, which may be :COMMON or
:LOCAL (i.e. the local case OF THE PATHNAME).


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