[Ecls-list] undefined symbol: ecl_process_env

Yue Li xyly781 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 01:09:53 UTC 2010


I'm currently building ecl cvs version on my machines. And since I
would like to use MP package, I did the following when doing

./configure --enable-threads --prefix=/....

On my MacBook pro, it's not painless at all, it builds correctly, and
I could further build OpenAxiom with ecl, and call MP functions.

However, on my desktop machine which is a X86-64 fedora 12, I could
built ECL and install it.

However, if I use --enable-threads, I always get the following error:

[yli at mutable bin]$ ./ecl
./ecl: symbol lookup error: ./ecl: undefined symbol: ecl_process_env

If i don't use that configure option, everything is fine, no error
occurs, but I could not use mp then.

Did I do something wrong, or is that a problem with my linux system?

Thanks for your help,


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