[Ecls-list] ECL on Windows 32-bit with msys/mingw

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr at cs.tamu.edu
Thu Aug 19 14:15:34 UTC 2010

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com> writes:


| --with-dffi is only useful when combined with --enable-shared, because the
| later allows finding out shared libraries, loading them and retrieving pointers
| to their C functions, which DFFI may then use as described before.
| --with-dffi is only needed when you want to do FFI operations from the command
| line or interpreted code.

OK, thanks!

| As for the coexistence of both libraries, my feeling is that libffi is a very
| quickly evolving library. Now, I only have libffi as shipped with Debian and
| with OS X and they more or less look the same, and indeed ECL builds just fine
| in both platforms with --with-dffi enabled. Cygwin and mingw may be either
| shipping a much older or much newer version, or a version with some
| functionality removed due to security reasons (arbitrary function calls?
| callbacks?), I really can not tell.

The ffi.h (located in GCC internal directories) with my copy of MinGW
says version 2.1 in comment.  I don't see any CPP macro version or
something of the sort in the header file, so it would be more involved
to prevent this kind of puzzling link failure.  It sucks to have a
library without a mean to report version.

-- Gaby

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