[Ecls-list] [sage-devel] Re: How can we build ECL on OS X in 64-bit

Dr. David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Tue Sep 8 07:32:34 UTC 2009

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:
> 2009/9/7 Dr. David Kirkby <david.kirkby at onetel.net>:
>> As you know, we are having some problems building ECL on 64-bit OS X (on
>> the machine bsd.math.washington.edu).
> Yes, I have seen the emails. I am trying different builds here in my
> laptop, since I did not ask for an account at bsd  -- I thought I
> would not need it.
>> 1) Will version 9.8.4  build, or do I need to check out the CVS?
> 9.84 will not build in 64 bit mode because OSX wrongly reports to use
> a 32-bit operating system and processor (uname). This confuses the
> configuration process. I had to manually patch this in src/aclocal.m4
> and src/configure.in
>> 2) Does one need to add -m64 to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS?
> No. Just use ./configure ... ABI=64 or export ABI=64 as an environment
> variable. ECL will add the right flag for OS X. Incidentally, as I
> told you in the other email, OS X needs -m64 _also_ when linking.
> Otherwise gcc will try to use 32-bits binaryes.
> Incidentally I just fixed another problem with our old version of GMP:
> it does not build in OS X when ABI=64 is used. I did not notice before
> this because I use a locally configured version, but I have fixed this
> today. It should solve the problems with the error message "Do not
> know how to make install".
> Unfortunately such a change involves also verifying that no other port
> broke, and for this I must wait until all automated builds have
> finished. Feel free to try, though.
>> 3) Does one need to set the ABI - and if so what to?
> ABI=64 for 64-bits build. Not setting it will use just the default
> values of the operating system -- which for Snow Leopard seem to
> depend on which mode the OS was booted.
>> I've tried a CVS checkout, and 9.8.4, with every combination of ABI and
>> CFLAGS I can think of, but I can't seem to generate any 64-bit
>> libraries. If I add the compiler option -m64 to CFLAGS, the configure
>> script seems to remove it.
> No, this should not happen. ECL is preserving _whatever_ flags you
> pass to CFLAGS.
> Juanjo

I was pretty convinced some flags were not preserved. I will double 
check this. I don't have time now, as the power is going off to the 
house in half an hour, so I wont get much done.

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