[Ecls-list] Latest changes & request for comments

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com
Sun May 17 11:05:36 UTC 2009

 - Remove an obsolete #if statement for Solaris that broke current builds
   with Solaris 10.

 - The mechanism for checking the existence of [u]int{16,32,64}_t or other
   replacement types was not used for [u]int8_t.

 - When COMPILE-FILE is invoked with a non-nil value of :OUTPUT-FILE, ECL
   now honors the file type supplied by the user, instead of overriding it
   with "fas" or "fasl".

 - When COMPILE-FILE finds that the value of :OUTPUT-FILE has an unsupported
   file type, it allows the user to register it with LOAD as a valid binary
   file extension.

Would this be enough to solve the binary file name issue?

$ echo '(print 1)' > foo.lsp; ecl -norc
ECL (Embeddable Common-Lisp) 9.5.1
Copyright (C) 1984 Taiichi Yuasa and Masami Hagiya
Copyright (C) 1993 Giuseppe Attardi
Copyright (C) 2000 Juan J. Garcia-Ripoll
ECL is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see file 'Copyright' for details.
Type :h for Help.  Top level.
> (compile-file "foo" :output-file "foo.myfasb")
COMPILE-FILE has been invoked with a value of :OUTPUT-FILE
The file type is not a supported binary file type. If you do not register
this file type with ECL, it will refuse to load this file. To permanently
register this file type with ECL you can add
    (push '("myfasb" . si::load-binary) ext::*load-hooks*)
to your ~/.eclrc file.
Broken at SI:BYTECODES.Available restarts:
1. (CONTINUE) Ignore error and do not prompt again.
2. (REGISTER) Register file type for later use with LOAD.
>> :r2

;;; Finished compiling foo.
> (load "foo.myfasb")

;;; Loading "/Users/jjgarcia/src/ecl/build/foo.myfasb"


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c/ Serrano, 113b, Madrid 28009 (Spain)

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