[Ecls-list] Windows port working again

Marko Kocić marko.kocic at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 19:02:39 UTC 2009

Build fails again, now with the following

if test -f ../CROSS-DPP ; then ../CROSS-DPP
/c/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d threads.c ; else
./dpp.exe /c/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d threads.c ; fi
dpp: c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d -> threads.c
gcc -DECLDIR="\"c:/lisp/app/ecl/lib/ecl-9.3.0\"" -c -DECL_API -I.
-Ic:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/build -I/
c/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c -I../ecl/gc  -g -O2  -D_THREAD_SAFE
-Ic:/msys/1.0/local/include -Dmingw3
2  -o threads.o threads.c
In file included from c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:25:
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/build/ecl/ecl.h:70: error: conflicting types
for 'pthread_t'
error: previous declaration
 of 'pthread_t' was here
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/build/ecl/ecl.h:71: error: conflicting types
for 'pthread_mutex_t'
error: previous declaration
 of 'pthread_mutex_t' was here
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/build/ecl/ecl.h:72: error: conflicting types
for 'pthread_cond_t'
error: previous declaration
 of 'pthread_cond_t' was here
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d: In function 'thread_entry_point':
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:156: warning: return makes
pointer from integer without a cas
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:165: error: invalid storage
class for function 'alloc_process
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:179: error: invalid storage
class for function 'initialize_pr
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d: In function 'mp_interrupt_process':
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:248: error:
'process_interrupt_handler' undeclared (first use
 in this function)
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:248: error: (Each undeclared
identifier is reported only once

c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:248: error: for each function
it appears in.)
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d: In function 'mp_process_enable':
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:295: warning: passing argument
3 of 'GC_CreateThread' from in
compatible pointer type
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d: In function 'init_threads':
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:666: error: incompatible types
in assignment
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d: In function 'thread_entry_point':
c:/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/src/c/threads.d:678: error: expected
declaration or statement at end of input

make[2]: *** [threads.o] Error 1
rm num_comp.c list.c mapfun.c format.c stacks.c time.c num_rand.c
file.c sequence.c ffi.c num_arith.
c num_log.c array.c cfun.c disassembler.c predicate.c assignment.c
backq.c main.c string.c eval.c er
ror.c character.c threads.c print.c number.c gfun.c multival.c read.c
macros.c typespec.c unixint.c
hash.c compiler.c num_sfun.c num_pred.c reference.c structure.c
unixfsys.c symbol.c pathname.c num_c
o.c load.c unixsys.c cmpaux.c package.c interpreter.c instance.c
make[2]: Leaving directory `/c/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/build/c'
make[1]: *** [libeclmin.a] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/c/dev/cvstree/ecl.git/build'
make: *** [all] Error 2

2009/3/30 Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com>:
> On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 7:50 PM, Marko Kocić <marko.kocic at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Mingw32 build (threaded) still fails to build.
> I removed the last reference to thread_win32.d from aclocal.m4, but I
> did not have time to check whether threaded mingw32 builds. Did you
> have any problem with the single-threaded build?
> Juanjo
> --
> Instituto de Física Fundamental, CSIC
> c/ Serrano, 113b, Madrid 28009 (Spain)
> http://juanjose.garciaripoll.googlepages.com

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