[Ecls-list] ECL 9.3.0 pre-release

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll juanjose.garciaripoll at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 24 14:32:19 UTC 2009

I have just committed all the changes from the new_cfun branch into
the master branch and into CVS. It has not been without problems.
Seems that CVS is too limited in the handling of commits and I had to
export everything as a single big patch. In the git repository,
though, you will find the whole development history.

I just tested it and it seems to work on a couple of systems. I
introduced also some changes that _should_ make it compile in Windows
with the VisualStudio compiler, but I did not have a chance to test
it. Help on this respect, as well as fixes for what might be left to
be fixed are welcome.

The current CVS tree is intended for release next week, as time and
resources permit. This will be done even if some ports are missing,
but I would rather have everything working by then.


Instituto de Física Fundamental, CSIC
c/ Serrano, 113b, Madrid 28009 (Spain)

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