[Ecls-list] embedding ecl in multi-threaded C?

Ross Lonstein rlonstein+ecls at pobox.com
Fri Mar 6 22:46:12 UTC 2009

I'm experimenting with embedding ECL r8.12 in a library invoked by
multi-threaded vendor code but having problems with SIGSEGVs at
cl_boot() on Ubuntu x86 kernel 2.6.27-9-server. Building ECL from
source, creating the shared object and having the entry point invoked
by the vendor code is not a problem. The entry point is invoked for
each vendor-spawned thread at various stages of execution with changes
in the arguments. In a testbed emulating the vendor code with a single
thread or a very small number of threads (typically less than 5-7),
the call to cl_boot() succeeds. I can not do any set up in the vendor
process to make it play nicely. I suspect interaction of the GC with
whatever the vendor code is doing but have not been able to catch it
"live" but do see the SEGV in my testbed.

Has anyone done this sort of thing successfully? Example source?


- Ross

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