[Ecls-list] cl-pdf gives utf-8 error with --enable-unicode

David Creelman creelman.david at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 11:23:16 UTC 2009


I've just tried getting cl-pdf working with ECL, but had some problems with
pdf-geom.lisp as below :-

;;; Loading "/home/dc/.asdf-binaries/home/dc/learn/lisp/cl-pdf/pdf-base.fas"
;;; Compiling /home/dc/learn/lisp/cl-pdf/pdf-geom.lisp.
;;; OPTIMIZE levels: Safety=2, Space=0, Speed=3, Debug=0
An error occurred during initialization:
Internal error: in file /home/dc/learn/lisp/cl-pdf/pdf-geom.lisp, position 0, and form 
  compiler preprocess
Invalid byte found in UTF-8 stream #<input stream /home/dc/learn/lisp/cl-pdf/pdf-geom.lisp>.

Juanjo, thanks for the other fixes.


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