[Ecls-list] Compilation on solaris

Christian Lynbech christian at defun.dk
Fri Aug 21 19:30:46 UTC 2009

I have tried to compile ECL on sparc solaris and ran into some
troubles. I unfortunately do not have the precise solaris version at
hand but can get hold of it if need be.

First of all, I had various compilation difficulties. I have tried to
fix them as best I could, the result of which is attached below.

I furthermore had to add the options 

    --with-signed-zero=no --with-ieee-fp=no

to configure.

Alas, none of this helped. It kept dying during the initial run of
`ecl_min' with an unknown error in an empty filename. I did not have the
time nor ecl knowledge to pursue the matter further, but I thought I
would report my findings none the less.

The diff patches 4 files. In src/aclocal.4 it corrects what must be a
copy-n-paste error. In src/c/number.d I ran into CL_FIXNUM_BITS being
undefined, changing it to FIXNUM_BITS made the compiler shut up but
I do not know the validity of that change. src/c/unixint.d needed some
extra defined for SA_SIGINFO and sa_sigaction to work. Aso an extra
header file was needed for the FPE_ symbols to be defined. For resons I
could not figure out, sys/machsig.h *must* be included before the
definition of _XOPEN_SOURCE and _POSIX_C_SOURCE. I am a bit unsure of
the correct vale for the latter, it just must be larger than 2 according
to the sources.

I worked withs ources from CVS taken just prior to the 9.8.4 release, as
far as I can tell, none of the above has been changed in todays CVS.

I also do not know how well-supported you consider Solaris, but feel
free to use the patch as you like.

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