[Ecls-list] Subject: callbacks to ecl

Naveen Garg naveen.garg at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 08:34:00 UTC 2009

I am able to use foreign-funcall-pointer to call an ecl callback from within
ecl.  However, I get a memory access violation when I use the same pointer
to callback from within a dll loaded into ecl.  Does anyone else have the
same issue calling into lisp from c?  This technique works fine from sbcl
for me.  I tried defining the ecl callbacks without using cffi, but got
similar problems.

I am using the *win32*-msvc-*stable git branch compiled with threads enabled
on windows xp using msvc 2008
bit branch by **Samium Gromoff *
although when i startup ecl, it still says this outdated message:
ECL (Embeddable Common-Lisp) 0.9l (CVS 2008-07-12 18:54)

Here is the ecl-code:
(in-package :cffi)
(load-foreign-library "AutoHotkey.dll")
(defvar *ahk* "")
(defcallback sbclHotkey
    ((x :string))
       (print x)(print " recieved from dll")
(setf sbclHotkeyP (format nil "~d" (pointer-address (callback sbclHotkey))))
(defcfun "ahkdll"
  (file :string) ; ahk script to launch
  (p :string) ; pointer to sbclHotkey callback
  (q :string) ; pointer to sbclHotkey callback
(defcfun "ahkgetvar"
  (varname :string) )

(ahkdll "clinit.ahk" "" sbclHotkeyP)
(setf *ahk* (ahkgetvar "ahkCallBack"))
(foreign-funcall-pointer (make-pointer (read-from-string *ahk*)) ()
 :string "Execute, Hotkey, !g, sbclHotkey" :int)
; a hotkey is registered, but the callback fails
(foreign-funcall-pointer (make-pointer (pointer-address (callback
:string "test" :int)
; this works, but its from within ecl.

the ahk side of the code is available here:
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