[Ecls-list] Strange error

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll jjgarcia at users.sourceforge.net
Sat May 31 12:50:21 UTC 2008

On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 1:18 PM, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll
> The solution is probably to #undef dlopen() in the file that loads
> dynamically linked libraries so that it does not call the wrapper
> installed by the garbage collector.

I have verified this using Linux/64 and got positive results. It works
for the test suite, which formerly broke with SIGBUS when removing the
call to si::gc before loading the binary file. I think this is very
significant, and another performance bottleneck that I had not
realized before.

The following two examples use --enable-gengc and --enable-smallcons,
but differ on the fact that the first one  activates garbage
collection when loading files and lacks the explicit call to si::gc

< real time : 225.629 secs
< run time  : 122.170 secs
< gc count  : 141 times
< consed    : 181170830264 bytes

while this one uses the old system

> real time : 353.989 secs
> run time  : 205.760 secs
> gc count  : 284 times
> consed    : 557430187184 bytes

This has been done on a platform Ubuntu/x64 that ships version 7.0 of
the garbage collector.


Facultad de Fisicas, Universidad Complutense,
Ciudad Universitaria s/n Madrid 28040 (Spain)

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