[Ecls-list] bt of a hard-to-reproduce SEGV during LOAF-AS-FASL

Samium Gromoff _deepfire at feelingofgreen.ru
Mon May 26 16:09:05 UTC 2008

Good evening,

here's a fix for the aforementioned SEGV, basically preventing
mutilation of the cblock by the error reporting path, before it's
properly dealt with.

diff --git a/src/c/ffi.d b/src/c/ffi.d
--- a/src/c/ffi.d
+++ b/src/c/ffi.d
@@ -434,8 +434,8 @@ si_load_foreign_module(cl_object filename)
        output = ecl_library_open(filename, 0);
        if (output->cblock.handle == NULL)
-               output = ecl_library_error(output);
+               output = ecl_library_error(output);

regards, Samium Gromoff

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