[Ecls-list] Question about top level prompt.

Jason Aquilina jfa7600 at yahoo.com.au
Fri May 23 05:42:58 UTC 2008

Thanks for the changes to ext:*tpl-prompt-hook*. I've got one question 
though. In the top-level repl (line 381 in src/lsp/top.lsp) the tpl 
function has an argument *tpl-prompt-hook* which shadows (apologies if 
this is not the right lisp term) the *tpl-prompt-hook* defvar'ed at the 
top of the file.

    (defun tpl (&key ((:commands *tpl-commands*) tpl-commands)
--->           ((:prompt-hook *tpl-prompt-hook*) nil)
               (broken-at nil)
               (quiet nil))

This results in the following:

1) You cannot change the prompt in the startup file since it is 
processed before the tpl is entered, and
2) When the debugger is entered it calls tpl which then shadows the 
current binding for *tpl-prompt-hook*.

Would it be possible to remove the argument?

Jason Aquilina

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