[Ecls-list] Questions about swank-ecl.lisp

Deepankar Sharma deepankar.sharma at gmail.com
Thu May 22 01:45:17 UTC 2008

Ive recently begin looking through the ecl specific slime code
(swank-ecl.lisp) hoping to add a few things

1) Improve the arglist prompting that slime gives when typing things in the
2) Improve the backtraces

I have a few questions regarding how to go about these activities.

1) In "(defimplementation arglist (name) ... " in swank-ecl.lisp there is
code that gets the arglist for a symbol. Currently it does not work for
macros or for
user defined functions. I had a look at sbcl's equivalent code which uses
the sbcl introspection module , and I think it would be good to have such a
module so that the code can be pushed there instead of living in the slime
specific code.  Also, suggestions on how to implement storing / retrieving
arglists for macros and user defined functions would be welcome.

2) Regarding the backtraces - i propose adding a variable called
*backtrace-filter* to be used from is-ignorable-fun-p which will store a
list of lambda's that users can add to. to filter away things they are not
interested in. Please comment if this should go in.

3) The backtraces currently contain a lot of frames that are ecl specific.
These include apply's, and entries for bytecompiled functions called from
the apply's and few evals with no local variables.  A standard way of
identifying if a frame has been inserted by ecl would be helpful here.
Please give me some pointers about this.
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