[Ecls-list] Command-line argument weirdness

Mark Hoemmen mark.hoemmen at gmail.com
Fri May 16 15:33:52 UTC 2008

Just wondering -- how come

ecl -eval "(require \'asdf)"

breaks with the message:

An error occurred during initialization:
The variable |'ASDF| is unbound..


ecl -eval "(require :asdf)"

works just as if I had typed either "(require :asdf)" or "(require
'asdf)" at the prompt?


ecl -eval "(progn (require :asdf) (push (truename \".\")

gives me the error

An error occurred during initialization:
There is no package with the name ASDF..

Not a big deal since I can get the same effect by stuffing these
commands into a file and using the -shell option, but it's still kind
of weird.  I'm not sure why text from the command line would be
handled differently than text from the prompt.


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