[Ecls-list] Gray streams

css css at swissjabber.ch
Sun Mar 30 15:00:32 UTC 2008

>   - Gray streams are now implemented in a separate package, called GRAY, which
>    exports symbols such as FUNDAMENTAL-STREAM or STREAM-READ-CHAR.
>    STREAM-ELEMENT-TYPE are now offered in two flavors. The versions exported by
>    the COMMON-LISP package are ordinary functions, the versions in the GRAY
>    package are generic functions that can be specialized to new classes. The
>    ordinary functions will invoke the generic version when passed a generic
>    stream. Note that, for instance, CL:CLOSE and GRAY:CLOSE are not the same
>    symbol. This means you might need to shadow-import the symbols associated to
>    generic versions in the packages where methods on these functions are
>    defined.

Is this going to be that way in future versions of ECL, or will these
symbols in CL: be replaced by the generics someday (which would make
it much more compatible with most other CL-Implementations)?

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