[Ecls-list] init_MYFILE C-function name collisions

William Robinson airbaggins at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 15:25:08 UTC 2008


I realise that this is a known issue, but if you have more than one .o 
file linked in with the same basename (pathname-name), then it's not 
going to be able to link. Is there any chance of getting this fixed, by, 
say, including the “path” of ASDF modules that a file belongs to. eg.
init_CFFI_SRC_TYPES, where types.o would have been part of the “src” 
module of the “cffi” system. Would this be difficult to implement? Would 
this break any other code?

For people using, eg. cffi (and probably many others systems), the 
basename of a file is not enough uniqueness, I think. CFFI is a 
particularly good example, as it includes common base-names in its src 
directory, like "package", "types", "libraries", "strings", "functions", 
"utils", "features", which are all very tempting names for other systems.

Or, is there another way to avoid these conflicts?


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