[Ecls-list] CLX Developers ?

David_Creelman at pa.com.au David_Creelman at pa.com.au
Tue Jan 15 01:19:57 UTC 2008


I've done some stuff in CLX on ECL, but I've run into some problems that I
think are not ECL related, but CLX related (as far as I can tell at least).

I was wondering if anyone on this list knows of any CLX mailing lists or
perhaps even CLX users that might be willing to look at an issue that I
have? I think I have exhausted all of my local means of finding out what is

A brief summary of the problem is as follows :-
The problem is related to exposure events and redraws with CLX under ECL.
If I move another window over the top of a CLX generated window I get a
stream read write error when I'm trying to redraw it. The error doesn't
seem to be catchable at the level I'm working at and the app will
spectacularly crash.


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