[Ecls-list] Lisp Shell source

Goffioul Michael goffioul at imec.be
Wed Jan 9 10:44:34 UTC 2008

> Where is the code of Lisp Shell?

On my hard-drive :-)

> Is it a part of ECL project, 
> or an independent project?

It's an independent project, but Juanjo kindly accepted to use
ECL sourceforge account to provide a pre-alpha version.

> I see only a binary version on sourceforge ECL download page.
> It looks nice and it would be cool if we could update it with 
> the latest ECL.

Unfortunately, I could not continue to develop that project
further as I switched to another internal job and I'm not
developing in LISP anymore in the context of my work
(people concerned probably noticed the drop in my commitment
to ECL).

However, I'd be glad to provide the code to anybody that would
be willing to continue the work. Actually, I just uploaded the
latest source package to SourceForge (see project page for ECL).
It is not documented, but feel free to ask questions. I hope that
someone will pop up to continue this.

As a startup: I'm using VC++ 2005 Express to compile; there's
a Makefile to compile the code (use nmake, I don't use the VC++
graphical interface; you of course also need the Platform SDK).
Once compiled, you should put all these files in the same folder
in order to run it:
- lispshell.exe
- TabStrip.dll
- RDNZL.dll (be sure to have it compiled with the MSVC8, the
available binary version used to be compiled with MSVC7.1)
- rdnzl.fas
- SciLexer.dll
- Scintilla.dll
- ECL binaries (dll + fas files)
- HyperSpec.chm (this file is generated by CLHSProcessor; due to
licensing reasons, the chm file cannot be re-distributed)


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