[Ecls-list] Strange things with packages

David Creelman creelman.david at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 03:44:23 UTC 2008

I'm working on a utility called cl-remind (git://github.com/kreely/cl-reminders.git)
and I'm having a problem with a package using another package.

my package defs look something like the following :-

(defpackages :dates
	(:use :cl :asdf :debug)
	(:export :..... various stuff
	  :num->date :date->num))

(asdf:defsystem :dates
        :version "0.9"
	:components ((:file "date-calcs")))

(defpackage :reminders
	(:use :cl :dates :debug)
	(:export :rem-text :print-reminders :check-reminder))

(asdf:defsystem :reminders
        :version "0.9"
	:depends-on (:dates :debug)
	:components ( (:file "reminder-calcs")))

However, when I load up reminders via (require 'reminders), I can't see
any of the date exports.

In SBCL I can. Is this something non-standard that SBCL does to help that
ECL is a bit more strict about ?

If anyone is interested in seeing this happen, simply git pull on the
above url and from within ECL, do (load "remindme").

I thought that a package that had a :use clause caused those :used exports
to be available to the package (kind of like importing I guess) and to anyone
else using the package that did the import.

If I've misunderstood packages in lisp or ECL, please feel free to point me in 
the right direction.


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