[Ecls-list] patch for serve-event

Nathan Hawkins utsl at quic.net
Fri Apr 25 18:25:53 UTC 2008

The attached patch fixes serve-event to suppress EINTR errors. This came 
up while porting some code I wrote for SBCL.

The other attachment, test-serve-event.lisp contains test code. It 
starts a thread running serve-all-events in a loop. The original thread 
will run a loop that runs interrupt-process against the serve-event 
thread every 5 seconds.

Running the test case without the patch will fail. With the patch, 
interrupt-process will signal the second thread, causing select to exit 
with EINTR, which will now just exit serve-event. With the patch, the 
test case should print "serve-event-loop interrupted" on the console 
every 5 seconds. It works for me. :-)

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