[Ecls-list] Problem with defpackage?

David Creelman creelman.david at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 12:50:00 UTC 2008


I've just been trying to compile the CLX provided by Telent and it fails
with the following error. This didn't happen before. Has something
changed ?

;;; Loading #P"/usr/local/lib/ecl/asdf.fas"
;;; Loading #P"/usr/local/lib/ecl/cmp.fas"
;;; Loading #P"/usr/local/lib/ecl/sysfun.lsp"
; loading system definition from /home/dc/asdf-libs/clx.asd into
; #<ASDF0 package>
;;; Loading "/home/dc/asdf-libs/clx.asd"
; registering #<SYSTEM CLX 151350080> as CLX
;;; Note: Scanning #P"/home/dc/learn/lisp/clx2/clx/bufmac.o"
;;; Note: Found tag: "_eclE9rQG_c7xGj3"
;;; Note: Invoking external command:
;;; gcc  -D_GNU_SOURCE -g -O2 -fPIC  -fstrict-aliasing -Dlinux -O "-I/usr/local/include/" -w -c "/home/dc/ECLINITj90gr4.c" -o "/home/dc/ECLINITj90gr4.o"
;;; Note: Invoking external command:
;;; gcc -o "/home/dc/learn/lisp/clx2/clx/bufmac.fas" -L"/usr/local/lib/" "/home/dc/ECLINITj90gr4.o" "/home/dc/learn/lisp/clx2/clx/bufmac.o"  -shared    -lecl -ldl  -lm  
;;; Loading "/home/dc/learn/lisp/clx2/clx/bufmac.fas"
An error occurred during initialization:
There exists no package with name "XLIB".


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