[Ecls-list] Build problem in win32 environment

Jyrki Jaakkola jyrki at jjkola.tk
Wed Apr 9 13:10:53 UTC 2008


I tried building ecl from cvs in Windows XP with VC++ 2008 Express
edition and I got following error:

---- start ---
LINK : warning LNK4044: unrecognized option '/DEBUGTYPE:CV'; ignored
NIL Broken at TOP-LEVEL.No restarts available.
Top level.
Error in format: No more arguments.
   -LD -MD /link /nodefaultlib:libcmt /nodefaultlib:libcmtd
/nodefaultlib:libc /nodefaultlib:libd /LIBPATH:~S eclgmp.lib eclgc.lib
user32.lib ws2_32.lib shell32.lib

while processing indirect format string:
   ~A -Fe~S~* ~{~S ~} ~@?
	c\cut "~A" "%CD%/package" "~*" ""  "@ECL_CFLAGS@" "-MD -EHsc -DGC_DLL
-nologo"  "@LDFLAGS@" "-MD /link /nodefaultlib:libcmt
/nodefaultlib:libcmtd /nodefaultlib:libc /nodefaultlib:libd"  "@CLIBS@"
""  "@libdir@" "%CD%/package"  "@includedir@" "%CD%/package/ecl"  <
util\ecl-config.bat > ecl-config.bat
	c\cut "@ECL_CFLAGS@" "-MD -EHsc -DGC_DLL -nologo"  "@LDFLAGS@" "-MD
/link /nodefaultlib:libcmt /nodefaultlib:libcmtd /nodefaultlib:libc
/nodefaultlib:libd"  "@CLIBS@" ""  "@libdir@" "%CD%/package"
"@includedir@" "%CD%/package/ecl"  < util\ecl-cc.bat > ecl-cc.bat
------ end ------

Full build log can be found at http://www.jjkola.tk/temp/output.log


Jyrki Jaakkola

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