[Ecls-list] Wrong behaviour with pathnames containing #\:

Luis Oliveira luismbo at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 13:56:50 UTC 2008


Here's a small test case:

luis at haden:/tmp$ mkdir tmp
luis at haden:/tmp$ cd tmp/
luis at haden:/tmp/tmp$ touch foo:bar
luis at haden:/tmp/tmp$ ls
luis at haden:/tmp/tmp$ ecl -norc
ECL (Embeddable Common-Lisp) 0.9j (CVS 2008-03-18 22:50)
Copyright (C) 1984 Taiichi Yuasa and Masami Hagiya
Copyright (C) 1993 Giuseppe Attardi
Copyright (C) 2000 Juan J. Garcia-Ripoll
ECL is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see file 'Copyright' for details.
Type :h for Help.  Top level.
> (probe-file "foo:bar")
> (directory "*.*")

Luís Oliveira

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