[Ecls-list] Sockets broken?

Steve Smith tarka at internode.on.net
Sat Oct 13 05:04:33 UTC 2007


The ECL sockets implementation contains the helper C function
safe_buffer_pointer, however this seems to have a bug that will cause
it to always throw an error.

It contains several lines such as:

   ok = (size < x->base_string.dim);

(differing depending on the type of x).

If 'ok' is false an error is thrown.  However in all the places where
it's called 'size' is just the length of the buffer 'x'; therefore it
will always fail.  I /think/ 'size' should be 'x->base_string.fillp',
can anybody confirm?  Additionally I don't think 'size' needs to be
passed in at all the necessary information should be in the object


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