[Ecls-list] Solaris 9 build report and suggested fixes with current cvs

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr at cs.tamu.edu
Sun Aug 26 03:51:22 UTC 2007

"Michael Abshoff" <Michael.Abshoff at fsmath.mathematik.uni-dortmund.de> writes:

| Hello,
| congratulations on an open source lisp that actually builds on Solaris
| (and many other systems) without too much fixing and without the need to
| bootstrap itself off another list machine. My experience with gcl in
| general and clisp on Solaris hasn't been a pleasant one.
| I am interested in running Maxima and Axiom on top of ecls in the long
| term, but I understand that might take a while to accomplish due to
| a) Maxima doesn't support ecl as far as I can tell "out of the box" and I
| haven't even checked Axiom yet

I, for one, am working towards OpenAxiom/ECL support.  There is a long
way to get there but this is just to let you know it is on my priority
list.  In particular, I would like to link my C/C++ libraries with
Axiom and ECL seems to be one the Lisps that provide easy path to
that.  Keep an eye on 


Many thanks for your reports.

-- Gaby

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