[Ecls-list] MSVCR80.dll not find

birulevo.net linkfly at birulevo.net
Mon Apr 30 14:02:11 UTC 2007

Hello, ecls-list.
       My worrying next problem ..:
  I am building program (on Windows) with two obj-files compiled not
  with ecl, and in msvc2005. Geted program require *.manifest file: if it
  be in dir where runing my program - all ok, and no, - then showing
  message: "... MSVCR80.dll not find ..." , and program not running :(
  Main problem - when apache running my program(cgi-application)
  (after clicking link on my cgi-program) presence *.manifest file -
  not helping! It's all the same showing message: "... MSVCR80.dll not
  find ..." (i'am finded MSVCR80.DLL in my system dir and has found
  two file, i am coping both in dir with program (by turns) - geting
  runtime error ...) :((
  Including: ... :ld-flags '("myobj1.obj" "myobj2.obj" "/manifest:no")
  ... - not give result (writing - cl : Command line warning D9002 :
  ignoring unknown option '/manifest:no') :(

      Help me please.
P.S. Excuse for bad English.
With respect,
                 mailto:linkfly at birulevo.net

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