[Ecls-list] Kamen Lisp update, questions

Dustin Long dlong at stevens.edu
Wed Apr 25 15:40:43 UTC 2007

Thibault Langlois wrote:
>> Now I have some questions, if I may:
>> 1) For the security model, are there any other dangerous symbols I
>> missed? I know there's at least a few I noticed at the last minute but
>> forgot to include. But I'd like to make sure I get them for in the next
>> release.
> I think INTERN and MAKE-SYMBOL should be avoided:
> (mapc #'(lambda (p) (funcall (intern "DELETE-FILE") p))
>     (funcall (intern "DIRECTORY") "/home/user/*")))
> :-/
> Thibault
No, they don't need to be; this sort of thing will not work. The 
security checks are at the implementation level, so it doesn't matter 
how the functions are called. The code in the core library which 
implements "directory", as well as "delete-file", is where the check 
happens, so it is impossible to circumvent using lisp tricks.


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