[Ecls-list] Anyone successfully built ECL-0.9i using VC8?

Dean O'Connor Dean.OConnor at ite.com.au
Tue Sep 19 02:24:59 UTC 2006

I was trying a few weeks ago with the VS2005 VC8 compiler (ie. not the
free one) and could not get it to fully kick over.

I also had to use the cygwin makeinfo.exe. If anyone can point me to a
standalone Windows versions that works with ECL I'd be gratefull.

I also came across that strlen problem. I did a hardcoded fix at the
time aswell.

If you look in the ECL archive (search for VC8) you can see the thread.


Michael did some fixes (I think) to solve this issue.
I have not had a chance to try it since. Will refresh from CVS now and
try and have a go today.

Personally I recommend working from CVS rather than the release
snapshots, especially when working with new compilers etc.


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WL Chiu <ktimes at ...> writes:
>Then when I did the "nmake flatinstall", the process stopped 
>complaining about the missing ecl.lib file.
Just wanted to fix the wrong wording. What I meant was the nmake
stopped. The error message was that it cannot find ecl.lib file.


WL Chiu

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