Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll lisp at arrakis.es
Mon Sep 11 08:47:13 UTC 2006

2006/9/11, Goffioul Michael <goffioul at imec.be>:
> When using FUNCTION-LAMBDA-LIST, I noticed that it returns either the
> lambda recomputed from the bytecode, or the lambda list saved when the
> function was declared (when FUNCTION-LAMBDA-EXPRESSION returns non NIL).
> Both are not equivalent, for instance when using &aux in the
> declaration.
> [...]
> 1) strip the &aux part from the lambda list when
> returns non NIL

I have done a mix of both. FUNCTION-LAMBDA-EXPRESSION now recompiles
the lambda form and then rebuilds the lambda list. This way the output
is more uniform: default values of &optional/&key forms are
eliminated, as well as &aux variables.



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